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Clipping & Styling

A clipping and styling service for your dog in Doncaster

This is done to breed standards or to the owners requirements. Clipping does not necessarily mean short. There are a range of blades and comb lengths that can be used to achieve the desired look as long as the condition of the coat will allow this.

Full Groom Package

The Full Groom Package includes:

  • A bath using the finest natural shampoo and conditioner (medicated and anti-flea shampoo can be used upon request.
  • Blow dry (no cage dryers are used)
  • Bushed / combed using correct tools to expel excessive undercoat and to help extreme shedding.
  • Nails clipped (if needed)
  • Ears checked and cleaned if necessary
  • Coat clipped, scissor or trimmed.
  • Finishing spray which leaves the coat felling soft and looking great

  • Loyalty Scheme

    Pre book four 8 week full groom (not bath and bits) appointments and get a 10% discount on the fourth appointment.

    To get this discount all appointments must be within the time schedule. Failure to do this will result in the discount being withdrawn.

    Please ask the groomer for more details.

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