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Bath & Brush Package

A bath and brush service for your dog in Doncaster

The bath and brush package includes:

  • A bath using the finest natural shampoo and conditioner (medicated and anti-flea shampoo can be used upon request)
  • Blow dry (no cage dryers are used)
  • Bushed / combed using correct tools to expel excessive undercoat and to help extreme shedding.
  • Nails clipped (if needed)
  • Ears checked and cleaned if necessary
  • Finishing spray which leaves the coat feeling soft and looking great

An in-between grooming service that helps manage the coat and distribute natural oils throughout the coat, reduce loose/dead hair and keep tangles and matting away. If you don’t have time to brush, let us do it for you.

If you’d like to book in don’t hesitate to either give us a call on 01302 368411, fill out our contact form or just pop in to the shop.

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