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We offer only the best in dog grooming and pampering for your pets in Doncaster.

Bath & Dry

Suitable for short coated breeds or just to give your dog a clean fresh smell between their grooms.

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Bath & Brush Package

An in-between grooming service that helps manage the coat and distribute natural oils throughout the coat, reduce loose/dead hair and keep tangles and matting away.

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Clipping & Styling

This is done to breed standard or owner requirements. Clipping does not necessarily mean short.

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Using the ultimate in grooming tools we can remove the undercoat and loose dead hair so you don’t have to.

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Ear Cleaning & Plucking*

(*Dependent on breed type) All dogs need their ears regularly cleaned and checked to remove any build-up of wax and debris.

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Gland Care

(Only if required/requested) Glands are normally expressed naturally as the dog passes faeces and we prefer to keep it this way.

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Hand Scissoring

We apply a hand scissor finish to most of our grooms to enhance the detail of the finish or to leave the coat in a much longer style.

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Hand Stripping

A specialist coat removal and coat renewal technique available for certain breeds, but more costly and time consuming.

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In-Between Mini Grooms

Want to keep that “just groomed“ look for just a little longer? We can wash, dry, tidy and trim sanitary areas.

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Nail Care

It’s very important to maintain the nails at the correct length to maintain the correct structure of the foot bones and tendons and to avoid sores.

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Pick-Up & Drop-Off

We will pick up and drop off your dog from your door step at the agreed times this can assist you in freeing up and saving your time.

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Puppy Introductory Grooming

Advice on how to teach your puppy to stand, and how to groom at home along with short wash and drying sessions.

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